USS Colorado Submarine Association

Some of our activities include:

Support the crew and their families

  •  Sponsor crew visits to state
  • Organize periodic visits by Association member to the ship and the crew at their own expense
  • Organize and fund morale building events such as picnics, Christmas presents, care packages, etc.
  • Maintain a relationship with the Family Readiness Group. Provide support where requested
  • Assist with emergency needs of crew or family members when needed


Generate statewide support and educate Coloradans

  • Inform the public of USS Colorado's activities through the use of our web site and social media and other communications channels.
  • Hold periodic meetings of the Association to inform the public about USS Colorado and the Navy.
  • Organize and sponsor periodic Crew visits to the state to visit local schools, meet with government officials and with the general public.
  • Advocate for positive media coverage of USS Colorado

Educate the Crew about Colorado

  • Coordinate and sponsor Crew Visits to Colorado
  • Provide information about Colorado to the crew

 Your money will go to:

  • Fund crew visits to state
  • Fund morale building events
  • Provide emergency relieve when needed for individual crew members
  • Fund expenses associated with speakers for Association events in Colorado
  • Fund normal expenses of the committee such as web site and printing costs

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